I Should Have Worn A Curtain: A Tale of Bulimia, Self-loathing, and Romance By Samyra Alexander


  Samyra Alexander takes us on a quick journey through some of the most impactful moments through the life of her narrating character, Shaena. Shaena talks to the reader in a stream of consciousness that lets us take a peek inside of what brought her to this point in life. 

    Shaena has a complicated relationship with her parents. After her mother abandoned the family, she became deeply devoted to her father. She learned to use food as the glue that held her life together. 

    We get to see some of the people that helped frame her life in her more formative years:

A cluelessly  absent mother,a well meaning but perhaps oblivious father, and a ridiculously insensitive aunt who doesn’t seem to value her due to her age, and even less once she gains weight. 

    We learn about Shaena in the present day, a woman who has not gathered control over her eating habits; but she has gained another bad habit and his name is Mike.Mike is her love interest that claims to have her best interest at heart. He’s honestly a mile run away from a breakdown himself. If you ask me his unresolved grief has turned him into a complete tool and what he claims is love is smothering…and not the good kind that tastes like potatoes and onions. 

    All of these people, talong with an OA sponsor have a great deal of influence in Shaena’s life and it all comes to a head. Shaena’s past and present relationships have undoubtedly taken a toll on her; but maybe she can rise above it. 

    Alexander does a wonderful job of telling Shaena’s story. I was rooting for her to pull herself together,  while also identifying with her. This story uses humor wonderfully, and yet displays the inner darkness that comes with eating disorders and emotional health struggles. 

    I Should Have Worn A Curtain made me laugh, but it also made me reflect, and for that I thank Samyra Alexander. 

Purchase Book Here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088KBYT6C

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One thought on “I Should Have Worn A Curtain: A Tale of Bulimia, Self-loathing, and Romance By Samyra Alexander

  1. Thank you for reading and reviewing my work. You captured the personalities of each character. Your review makes me smile😊 because it is well thought out. Much success on your journey.

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