Interesting Ways To Get Involved

Some links to people’s innovative and creative ways of lending support to, Black Lives Matter & organizations working to dismantle racism & police brutality in the United States,

Writing For A Cause

Ami J. Sanghvi is -among many other cool things – an awesome writer and artist. She is using her talents to contribute to the cause by offering exclusive writing projects through Patreon. Her proceeds from this go to The National Bail Out.

Writing for a Cause (#BLM)

YouTube Videos!

Multiple Youtubers are posting long videos that you can watch and they will use the revenue they gain from their ads . That means it costs you nothing but your time and internet! The link below is one that I listened to and enjoyed.

BE SURE TO read their descriptions to make sure you are helping at your maximum potential.

Book Sales !

Author Joseph Hood is contributing the money he makes from June book sales of his fictional horror book, My Friend Nick to Black Lives Matter & supporting organizations.

Follow him on Instagram to learn more:

Book Link:

Creative Works

Click here to go to website

75% of what they make off of their Black Lives Matter products are going to BLM organizations.

Follow them on twitter: @aleighcorb

In Honor of Juneteenth & Black Lives Matter Sahreth “Baphy” Bowden has put together a great piece that is both informative and personal, & can offer a good start to getting in the know about Juneteenth and the way we’ve been taught history in America. At the end of the piece, Baphy makes a request for Black creators to reach out to them with their info and links, so they can post them and help in lifting their voices. So give it a read and check out the links at the bottom for support and learning.

Follow on Twitter: @Baphy1428


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