Civil Rights Martyrs Reviewed

While I was working on my Bachelor’s degree in History, I had to create a capstone on a chosen topic. I chose to do mine on the Martyrs of the American Civil Right’s movement.  Of course there are several upon several people that could be written about under that category, so I had to narrowContinue reading “Civil Rights Martyrs Reviewed”

Born In To Danger

A brief analysis on the themes of race and sexual assault in my book, May A lot of times I am asked about my inspirations and what kind of things lead me to write the stories that I write. Usually I have a lot of trouble answering those questions because to me, my stories comeContinue reading “Born In To Danger”


My experiences are not universal.  That is a truth I have had to remind myself as I watch my world burn.  I can’t tell anyone how to deal with their trauma. It is not my place. It isn’t the place of any of us to tell each other how to deal with their trauma.  ThatContinue reading “5/31/2020”