Interesting Ways To Get Involved

Some links to people’s innovative and creative ways of lending support to, Black Lives Matter & organizations working to dismantle racism & police brutality in the United States, Writing For A Cause Ami J. Sanghvi is -among many other cool things – an awesome writer and artist. She is using her talents to contribute toContinue reading “Interesting Ways To Get Involved”

Your Aversion To Fire Is Not An Excuse To Sit Out.

  On May 25, 2020 , a Black man named George Floyd was murdered by a police officer in the streets of Minneapolis, MN. The police officer pressed his knee against George’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds as his fellow officers watched…as civilians screamed and recorded… and as George Floyd begged for hisContinue reading “Your Aversion To Fire Is Not An Excuse To Sit Out.”


My experiences are not universal.  That is a truth I have had to remind myself as I watch my world burn.  I can’t tell anyone how to deal with their trauma. It is not my place. It isn’t the place of any of us to tell each other how to deal with their trauma.  ThatContinue reading “5/31/2020”