Waiting For (GOD)ot

Short Story By: Kelli Green Nora traded her pale yellow chiffon dress and white kitten heels for a pair of loose fitting blue pants, and a pink t-shirt with little daisies around the collar. She slid her feet into a pair of slides and headed to the kitchen to grab her lunch and take itContinue reading “Waiting For (GOD)ot”

Born In To Danger

A brief analysis on the themes of race and sexual assault in my book, May A lot of times I am asked about my inspirations and what kind of things lead me to write the stories that I write. Usually I have a lot of trouble answering those questions because to me, my stories comeContinue reading “Born In To Danger”

Interesting Ways To Get Involved

Some links to people’s innovative and creative ways of lending support to, Black Lives Matter & organizations working to dismantle racism & police brutality in the United States, Writing For A Cause Ami J. Sanghvi is -among many other cool things – an awesome writer and artist. She is using her talents to contribute toContinue reading “Interesting Ways To Get Involved”

Having A Little Fun

It was 11 something at night and I had spent much of the night watching, Love and Hip Hop: ATL. One of the things that happens when I watch something involving either music or dance is that I get inspired to make my own music or dance. I’ve sat down to try and write aContinue reading “Having A Little Fun”